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Price of a Bengal Cat

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The price of a bengal kitten.

Our bengal kittens are invaluable, but we can certainly quantify their expenses.

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Buy a bengal kitten can be a dream come true or a long and unhappy adventure.
The added value of some things that are priceless or cost very little.


La venta de gatitos bengalĂ­es sin pedigrĂ­ es arriesgada para la salud de los gatitos bengalĂ­es, comprar un gatito bengalĂ­ con garantĂ­as es barato

Surgical sterilisation

Spaying or neutering at an early age will mean a rapid recovery of the Bengali kitten. In a couple of hours, the kitten will be completely recovered, and will only need our supervision.

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Required vaccinations and passport

Each Bengal kitten will make three visits to the vet before delivery, to assess its good health and comply with the schedule of vaccinations and deworming.

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Biothermal microchip

We think about even the smallest details. The biothermal microchip will allow the kitten to be identified, but also to take its temperature from a distance without having to do it in the traditional way, which is not pleasant.

La venta de gatitos bengalĂ­es sin pedigrĂ­ es arriesgada para la salud de los gatitos bengalĂ­es, comprar un gatito bengalĂ­ con garantĂ­as es barato

Viral and genetic testing of parents

Our Bengali kittens are free of PKDef and PRAB, certified by the University of California UCDavis, but they are also free of FELV and IVF, as we guarantee by their mother's analysis after birth. We provide documentation.

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Didactic material in Spanish

In compliance with the Code of Ethics of our Federation, we give in writing all the necessary information to facilitate the future welfare of our little Bengali kittens. In our case, with our own publications.

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Welcome pack to the new home

Rigid or airline quality carrier (as required), water you have been drinking from, sandbox similar to the one you have used, your own toys and blanket to ensure a bridge of continuity in the smells; some gifts...

La venta de gatitos bengalĂ­es sin pedigrĂ­ es arriesgada para la salud de los gatitos bengalĂ­es, comprar un gatito bengalĂ­ con garantĂ­as es barato

The pride of having a federated Bengal kitten in "The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy"

Veteranity and reference: Although it is the second oldest federation (founded in 1910), its founding clubs were the first in history, making the first pedigrees and the first exhibitions of cats (1871), highlighting The National Cat Club, the Dean's Club (1887) -not forgetting the Scottish Cat Club (1894)-, whose founder and first president, Harrison Weir, dated in 1889, at the Regent's Park Zoological Society in London, the first known intentional cross between an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic cat, the first F1 bred by the human being of the breed that summons us here.

Efficiency: It is the fastest cat registration today. British punctuality. Its online registration allows immediate management. The certificates, from your application to the mailbox at home, take 21 days, although they can be only 7.

Credibility and validity: The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is one of the nine members of the World Cat Congress. Its pedigrees are fully valid in all other major federations.

Independence: The owner of a kitten registered with the GCCF does not need the mediation of the breeder, of any club, or of intermediaries of any kind, to have at his disposal all the benefits of the GCCF. Everything can be arranged directly with the Federation, including new pedigrees or transfers of ownership, paying only for the documents, with no membership fees or additional charges.

The online application - an effort that is worthwhile - will allow you to have free access to all your kitten's federal data, to view or manage them, at any time of the day or night.

When buying a Bengal kitten, please consider what we say in the "authenticity" section about the dangers of inbreeding and crossbreeding of this balanced breed, and the low cost of a pedigree compared to the security it brings. When you buy a Bengali kitten you should know that all pedigrees are not the same validity or category as the: "Registered Pedigrees" issued by the Federations belonging to 👉WORLD CAT CONGRESS.
The price difference can be big only in proportion, not in its economic quantity.

When breeding and selling a Bengal kitten, the breeder must comply with the obligations expressed in his Federation's Code of Ethics for their kittens, for their breeding cats, and for the future owners.
Visit the website of your Federation and read the Code of Ethics, every standard has a reason behind it and bad experiences to correct.

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đŸŸ The correct price of a bengal cat, based on its aesthetics, cannot be established with good criteria in a homogeneous way as it is done with other breeds, since there are no two bengal cats that cannot be differentiated even at first sight. The breeder does not achieve the same degree of success for the whole litter equally.

đŸŸ There are circumstances that can lower the expectation or the need for economic coverage of a kitten: The birth of a Bengal marbled kitten if it is not a priority in the cattery, a large litter or... We like to take into account the people who access to one of our Bengal kittens through a waiting list, because it relieves us of a worry, helps us to save efforts, and also allows us to verify that the new family has come to us by a decision considered in time, favoring the future welfare of our kittens, depositing their trust in us as a value. The kittens have, in addition, their childhood guaranteed in their new home.

đŸŸ In the world of the Bengal cats, within the same range of quality and cost of breeding, the amortization of a Bengal kitten as a pet is around 900-1400€, although we should also take into account the issues mentioned in the previous point, because it is "value that the future owner brings".

đŸŸ A breeder who breeds honestly and out of passion for cats, will share with you the expenses generated by breeding in optimal conditions, health and welfare, a Bengal kitten. The accounts never add up, it is our experience and the experience of the good breeders with whom we have a relationship: The high cost of good breeding cats, their own quality food (in our case for life), veterinary visits and tests -ordinary and extraordinary-, federal expenses, home adaptation, safety measures, study and training material...; time spent is a gift for love of our cats... Multiplying the cost of the time dedicated would offer a result worthy of a smile.

We like to "smell the moustaches of the future owners" to advise them with the right kitten in their circumstances...
So we move away from the style of arbitrary agreements "to the smell of the client", a criterion alien to our practices.

Each Bengal kitten is delivered with the breeder's approval, in the 13th week, and fulfilling the ethical code of our Federation. Ask yourself before buying a Bengali kitten:

đŸŸ Do I suffer from cat allergy?

đŸŸ What is my experience with pets?

đŸŸ Are there people in my household who do not agree to have a Bengali kitten or are not ready to have one?

đŸŸ Do I know that the Bengal cat is a highly hyperactive cat?

đŸŸ Are there other animals in the house that may be overflowed?

đŸŸ Am I aware that my little Bengali kitten will grow up?

đŸŸ Do I have the time and resources to take good care of my cat?

đŸŸ Are you willing to maintain some security measures? More 👉Here.

đŸŸ Do I have a good expectation, knowing that a Bengal kitten is a kitten and not a puppy dog?

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Composed of a team of professionals with extraordinary experience:

clĂ­nica veterinaria torreblanca fuengirola

Thank you for your service for the benefit of the animals


Although the rate of abandonment of Bengal cats in the world is practically nil, and we have not been given the case, so that none of our former kittens will be added to the sad list of abandoned animals, we express our commitment, for life, to take charge again, and find a new home for them, free of charge, if you ask us to, with no benefit and no economic obligations for either party - no refunds or payments - for any of the kittens bred by us. Regardless of whether it is due to a cause proportional to what the loss of your home entails for an animal (death or illness of the owner...) or an irresponsible decision (simply having become bored with the obligations involved in having a kitten), under no circumstances do we ask questions, for respect for you, in the interest of the kitten's future; a future that may pass through the trust you place in our prudence and discretion. We do care about the kitten's conditions in order to respond as best as possible to its needs.

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Treating you well is part of our commitment to our bengal kittens.
Responsible advice avoids bad decisions.
We can honestly say: "In your case it is not convenient".

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They can serve you in Spain and the United Kingdom.


Spanish members of the London Cat Club and Cambria in Wales. Federated breeders registered in "The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy".


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