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Bengal Cats. Overdomestication

For more than forty years, cats have come out of our home and become the joy of their new homes.
We not only believe in the cat as a companion pet, but we also believe in him, we know about him, and has always been our only choice and the most numerous part of our family.
Decades of analysis, of enjoying each litter, of understanding what so many different cats have wanted to transmit us with their language...
Years of not understanding about problems because we have rarely had one...
Years that place us before the bengal cat looking for a goal that we already know.
We are not here in a casual way. The cat has been and is our life. Beyond the fact that we are satisfied with seeking achievements in the aesthetic improvement of our Bengal cats, with which we have never spared any effort, not even economic ones; what we waste the most passionately, and what we find the greatest satisfaction in, is in educating our Bengal kittens to respond to the most exigent of all canons:

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Wrong approaches to define good behaviour in the bengal cat:

Among the most frequent arguments we hear, we find the following, to which we respond:

"My cats are very well educated, because they are always at home, with the children":

🐾 A cat, like a child, can be " wild " in the house without having to go out in the street. Are these children good? Shall we talk about what is a " raging cat "? We need methods, contents and objectives; programming, timing, evaluation and compliance. Observe before acting. A kitten knows when he is respected.

"The bengal cat has in its origin the most affable races of cats until arriving to him":

🐾 The most calm breeds of cats (long haired cats in general): Persians, Angoras... They did not participate in the foundation crosses with the Asian leopard cat, but rather short-haired cats, as lively as they are in need of attention.

"The Bengal cats are like little dogs":

🐾 The cat has been many centuries ahead of the dog in its domestication (and inside the "domus" home) - although sometimes you read the opposite. Your Bengali kitten will want to "own" an owner, not serve a lord. The bengal cat is as unique and special as other cats, in its rich and wide diversity. The particularities of the bengal cat come from its relatively recent hybrid origin with another feline, the Prionailurus Bengalensis, not from the dog. If you are looking for a dog, buy a dog, and you will not be disappointed, nor a kitten with you.

Vriendinetje de coramonte de marbella felina, bengal cat brown spotted tabby

Keys to our successes:

We breed as a hobby and our breeding is occasional. Our work with the cat is "artisan", not "industrial".
We show our understanding of the cat in our own language, and we express it even in the "gait" of our Bengali kittens.
Our Bengali kittens have made us as domestic as they are.
Each litter arouses great expectation, it is desired, loved and expected in time.
Cats spend most of the day transmitting indications: They just need our time and our ability to "listen" to achieve empathy.
Everything has a purpose. Even a good choice of name for its sonority, will facilitate the bridges of communication.
Polishing the details allows us to leave less to chance in the education of our little Bengal kittens.


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Start with our vocabulary

We come from the cat and, with the bengal, we continue with the cat. We do not speak of "Bengal puppies" (Puppies), but of "Bengal kittens" (Kittens); we do not speak of the "Bengal" without saying "cat"; we do not express that there are first and second class cats; and our "Bengal breeding cats" are, in the first place, the "michis" of their home.

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Requires knowledge

To understand the cat correctly, we cannot speak of "personality", but of "character" and "uniqueness" (simple Anthropology and Zoology). The animal kingdom has its own language, its own soul. But we also speak of "over-domestication", because we affirm the domestic nature (after centuries of evolution) of the Felis Silvestris Catus. An evolution of which we affirm, by the hand of Charles Darwin, that never stops.

Birthing of Bengal cats, kittens

Beyond ethical breeding

As far as it is good for our kittens, we enthusiastically comply with the code of ethics that regulates the breeding of kittens in our federation, out of loyalty and conviction. Beyond that, our commitment and responsibility with our "breeding cats" is for life, at home, whether they are bred or not , it is of justice. "The contribution of a team player is not only in playing on the field": The older cats offer their contribution... Even a gentle male cat during a birth (photo). Our climate with our cats is the result of many efforts.


camadas de gatitos bengalíes

The irreplaceable work of the mother

The preparation of a new litter begins in the early childhood of its mother, and "as the defenses come to the kittens from her milk, from her example comes to her kittens their attitude towards us" . We frame each new litter in a context of love and attention that implies that the experience of the mother cat's maternity is dignified in the context of her life, respecting her space, her natural times of breeding as a mother and weaning, her irreplaceable function, knowing that her degree of empathy towards us paves the way for her little kittens.

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We prepare our Bengal kittens for the most probable situation: to be the only pet in their new home. It is therefore even more necessary the unity of the litter until its full socialization, differentiating each kitten, in its natural environment, the treatment it must offer to other cats, other animals and humans, with which the Bengal kitten must know that their behavior must be qualitatively different, to avoid future unwanted confusion.

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This is a pattern that we have become more convinced of over the years: Don't give our kittens anything they won't have in their new homes (so the change won't multiply the feeling of lack), as outlets to the outside world. We use different commercial brands of easy acquisition in the feeding (each one has its own function and moment). Mineral water will also be a bridge to your new home, like the use of more neutral sand, which will avoid rejections in its use. Our Bengal kittens prepare their arrival to their new home with every element that we can turn into a bridge for their adaptation.

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By the adaptability criterion We focus on . the feeds: They are the biggest guarantee for the feeding of the kittens in front of the unexpected ones of the daily life. We do not forget the pre-frozen raw meat as an ideal food; nor processed foods such as pâtés or jellies, which will also give us options in other circumstances, . always from different brands and origins, avoiding dependence and future rejections to new quality foods.

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Games and toys

We give preference to toys that allow the bengal kitten to interact with its owner, choosing the safest toys for the hyperactive bengal kittens (balls and cloth mice -not plastic-). Don't get him used to playing with his hands when he's little, this won't be so nice when he grows up. We do not recommend, in any case, toys made of metal pieces or bells -for their teeth and nails- , or dusterboards without supervision -they can eat them-.

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Character, docility, company

Every Bengali cat has its own character, but experience also builds. We program, sequence and differentiate in time the interaction with our little kittens, looking for the necessary balance so that its character is neither elusive nor resabling (due to lack or excess of interaction at the wrong time - the cat also likes its rhythms to be respected-). Those who have one of our cats know that We do not breed pets because they are offered, but because our own kittens demand it. The motto we pursue is: "The excellence of companion pets".


Spanish members of the London Cat Club and Cambria in Wales. Federated breeders registered in "The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy".


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