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Authentic Bengal Cats

When you buy a Bengal Cat with a pedigree, you can have more health guarantees.

The Bengal cats have authenticity detectors and excellence standards.


Selling un-pedigree Bengal kittens is risky for the health of Bengal kittens, buying a guaranteed Bengal kitten is cheap

It is cheap

It is possible, depending on the club or federation, that the pedigree does not exceed 25-50 euros on average per kitten, generously including and dividing all federation and processing costs: annual membership of the breeder, registration of the litter, certified shipments, the pedigree itself, etc. Also know that not all pedigrees have the same rank, validation and guarantees.

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It's good for the health of the Bengal kittens

It avoids extreme consanguinity, which weakens the health (crossing of siblings between each other, of parents with daughters...). It is a guarantee against inappropriate crossbreeding (due to physiological or behavioural characteristics, etc.), which is the result of extravagance or imprudent experimentation. The equilibrium of the current bengal cat is the result of a scientific analysis that begins in the 19th century at the Zoological Society of Regents Park (London), and is not of yesterday.

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It is indispensable to talk about "race"

The International Code of Zoological Nomenclature speaks only of a single "Felis Silvestris Catus". To speak of breeds is only correct in its federative scope, that of the cat associations, each one with its own criteria to establish them. Without a pedigree there is no "breed", because nobody else determines them, only these entities -sometimes with different criteria-.

đŸŸ Be careful with the promised pedigrees that will never arrive, with the false documentation, with the impersonation of the cat or the breeder... Be careful.
đŸŸ The pedigree will not free your Bengal kitten from diseases like PKDef, PRAb, Felv, IVF, nor from parasites or infections that can be fatal... This needs further verifications.

The sale of un-pedigree bengal kittens (pseudo-bengals) usually hides: The exploitation that many cats suffer with an unrestricted maternity, unfulfilled sterilization agreements, and even breeding with stolen animals.

Bengal Cat Brown Spotted Tabby (the majority Bengal cat)

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The bengal cat should have a fierce appearance, a strong and muscular build, and the character that corresponds to a domestic cat. Their size is medium to large.

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Small in proportion to the body, but in balance. Longer than wide, curved profile, broad muzzle and elongated neck. Strong chin. As distinguishable from the common cat as possible.

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Legs and pads

The back legs are slightly higher than the front legs. The "foot and hand" pads must be completely black (see another of these photos).


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The bengal cat has a short and wide tail. The pattern must form rings and it is essential that the tip is black.

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Eyes and face

Oval; golden, green or brown, with a slight inclination towards the base of the ears. With a mask design on its outline. Neither WCF, TICA, nor FIFE express that the nose should be "brick red"; in GCCF and CFA is more desirable.

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They are small to medium sized, with a slight forward lean. -A very common fault is the "big bat ears", because they are big.


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It must mark contrast between a different colour for the interior and the exterior of the rosettes (that can be open, closed, in arrow, or type of footprint, being able a same kitten to pick up all of them), avoiding the patterns of vertical lines.

Bengal cat adapted to urban housing. sale in Spain, Bengal kittens, buy Bengal cats price. luxuryscortcats. Marbella felina cattery


The bengal cat has a black speckled belly on a light background -the closer to white the better-, without any stripes crossing its stomach (see in this photo the black pads of the paws).

gato bengalĂ­ adaptado a viviendas urbanas. rosetas gato bengalĂ­, rosetas perfectas, dibujos gatos bengalĂ­es. Marbella felina cattery, gatos bengalĂ­es en mĂĄlaga


The bengal cat is a short haired, soft, lustrous, and preferably shiny (glitter) cat. We point out that the Bengali cat's coat is very sensitive to light, before our eyes and more so in front of a camera -that is why we have also chosen this photograph: With direct sun, light and no shadow-.


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Attitude and character

Very lively, playful, active character. Seeks company and attention. Very noble and faithful to his owner. Loves water, inherited from his ancestors. In the Bengal cat, character is part of its standard, which redoubles the selection of specimens with very noble attitudes (which also need to be worked on).

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Although it is more part of the life and evolution of the bengal cat than of the standards, it is convenient to explain the fuzzy. The "fuzzy" are the little grey camouflage hairs, which are lost when they grow up, which turn off the colour in the kittens when they are small, when they start to develop their striking colour, to protect them in nature from predators. Their presence, to a greater or lesser extent, marks the degree of inheritance from their wild ancestors, understanding that having a lot is great.

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We also add, in a personal way, that the Bengali cat will evolve physically, but especially in its coat. The colour will be formed in the first months (usually being very grey with black as a child -it is not fuzzy-). We will have the "coat hanger" of their pattern as soon as they are born; soon we will see that some dots become rosettes, others will take months, maybe the smaller dots will be dots for life. We advise to pay more attention to the strong contrast of the pattern than even to its beauty, as the colour fades over the years, even in specimens that have been beautiful, but that stop being eye-catching in a couple of years when their colours are matched to some degree.


The esthetic is important, but it is only part of it. Seek honest assessment and truthful information before buying a Bengal kitten. Your pocket, you, and your future Bengal kitten will appreciate it. Incorrect information, even if repeated regularly, is still wrong.


Spanish members of the London Cat Club and Cambria in Wales. Federated breeders registered in "The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy".


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