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Unboxing a Bengal Cat.
Tips about Bengal Cats. Wellcome Home.

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PREVIOUS NOTE: If you are looking for Bengal cats for sale, because you are interested in buying a Bengal cat, you can visit our website to find out about our conditions and prices for selling Bengal cats.

You will be able to buy a pure-bred Bengal cat, of good health (free of: Felv and Fiv, as well as of genetic diseases: Prab and Pkdef) and of extraordinary pedigree, always with several champion cats in feline exhibitions in their ascendancy, and the most important thing: By our philosophy of work with the Bengal cats, we assure a good Bengal kitten adapted to your family and your home.

Do not hesitate to contact us through our e-mail. We will be happy to call you and give you honest advice (we care about the future welfare of our Bengali kittens, so it is important that you make the right decision).

In this page we buy the result of one of our biggest pleasures, the photography of our small Bengali kittens. Although most of the time they feel like playing to release their overflowing energy until they fall asleep on our lap, activating their "charming mode", they are also docile when we ask them to make a little effort in front of the camera - our friends say that our Bengal kittens even know how to pose for photos.

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This session is a small tribute to that moment so loaded of magic as it is the arrival home of a Bengal kitten. Everything is new for him and for his owners: It is the moment of "smelling his whiskers", of looking at everything with new eyes, of recognizing the responsibility that one acquires for life! with that small Bengal kitten.
We learned from the love with which our grandmother put her little European kittens in a little box full of bows and toys to give them to people who sincerely felt more than lucky, the happiest in the world.
We have added some tips for the arrival of a new kitten to your home,
you may be interested in our book:┬┐C├│mo educar bien a un gato?

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It is very important not to leave the arrival of a kitten at random.

Although it is good that the Bengal kitten has a "hideout" prepared as a last resort (a small house - but not very comfortable ...), it will help a lot a first "inseparability" of its new owner, who must transmit the concepts of "protection" and "attention" in order to strengthen ties.

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The first thing a kitten will look for, before food or sand, will be its safety.

A popular saying is that "a kitten does not enter a new place unless it knows a way out first". It is essential that the food or sand is placed in its "comfort" places at first, until it has finished exploring the house in a few days.

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Note that:
"The first day we are all good".

A little kitten, and more a Bengal kitten, will fill your home with funny moments. The first few days are essential to set limits to everything that is not equally funny in an adult cat.

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Adaptation to living with other cats.

The convenience or not of having more than one cat we think in each case, has advantages and disadvantages ... Even ways to make it easier (very different ages to avoid "competition", that the two cats are from the same litter...) If there is already a cat in the house, before they see each other, mix smells the first day, wait until they meow for a few days, let them see each other from far away when they are sure that there is a "cat in the house"... If you schedule the adaptation in one week, it will make it difficult for irreversible attitudes to emerge from a "break-in" that becomes entrenched... Even the cat that had the primacy will get a depression. A trick: Improve the conditions of the cat that was already... And remember the sentence in my book:
How to educate a cat well?

The animal kingdom is a monarchy not a democracy.

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See with the eyes of your new kitten.

In educating a kitten it is more important to observe and anticipate than to project on the anger. If a little kitten plays with what he shouldn't, throw his favorite mouse at him, because he doesn't want to break anything, but just play... Or draw attention to yourself: You are his favorite toy. Empathize.

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Kitten and Owner: Two owners, two pets.

A cat is not an independent animal, but self-sufficient... Until it finds its greatest treasure: An owner! Not an owner who humiliates him, but who serves him. Make it clear to him that you are willing to be one, even overdo it (wait until he is hungry from time to time to ask for food and see that you give it to him...). The languages of the Animal Kingdom also have their balances... Be a good ruler of resources and times... It's not the same to throw food away to be carefree as to talk to your pet about food by transmitting that it's important for you to give it to him. Isn't it nicer to have someone wait on you and serve you the table than to simply find abandoned food?

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Don't let your kitten go wild in the home.

Just like a child, a kitten doesn't need to leave the house to "get wild". Educate, attend, observe the little signs through which he calls out to you... Be grateful for your gifts... Wait for you, lick you, purr you... In exchange for a little bit of your time.

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You are ALL for your new kitten.

Great tip: Before you buy a bengal kitten on a whim, think that it has come to your home only because you have decided to. In how many homes could that kitten have been happier? But you, with your decision, closed off other options. Bengal cats only have one life, and yours is in your hands... And you can make him a happy Bengal kitten, that will grow up among those who never failed him, and end his days, after many years, purring with happiness and gratitude for what his more than good owners gave him.

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Un A beloved cat is more than just a well-tended cat.

When someone tells me that a kitten is going to be fine in a house because it has a garden, I am afraid that in time it will end up sleeping in the doghouse under the porch, which coincides with the breakage of the second porcelain figurine. For a good kitten, its favorite place is where its owner is, what it needs most is love, and its freedom surrenders it and expresses it with the purr that it gives to its master.
Personally, I don't like many things that are done today with cats, although I don't criticize them, like putting them a little dress or teaching them to give back a little ball (and I know how to do it), because they contravene the feline nature of cats, but I value them, because I have something even more clear, that "The ideal is the enemy of the good", and a kitten in a dress or that has learned to give back the little ball doesn't do feline things, but has a bigger and more valuable good: An owner that gives his time to his kitten, that loves his kitten with the illusion of the first day, of the so beautiful day of his "Unboxing".
In this sense, I also like to say that not everything we do with illusion we do with success ... In a certain occasion a sad person called me because his cat stopped going with him to the sofa since he bought a "cat tree". My answer was not very delicate but we laughed with her: "How would your wife take it if you bought two separate beds for the matrimonial bedroom?"

The most important thing to do when a new Bengal kitten arrives home is to ask ourselves from day one:
Why do I want my Bengal kitten? And to solve with the answer every new decision.


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