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The Bengal Cats of the Cat Lovers

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Bengal Cats Cattery MARBELLA FELINA, Spain. W.C.F. Registered Cattery. Domestic Breeding.

đŸŸ Our purpose is:
👉 The honest improvement of the aesthetic and conductual patterns of the Bengal cat based on the criteria for the ethical breeding of future generations established by our Federation and the commitment to the welfare of our cats.
👉 The study and analysis of this breed in the domestic environment, as we show with our publications.
👉 The cultural and artistic purpose that we look for with our photographs, which we also publish.
đŸŸ The new litters are only the result of this work, not a means of profit. To this passionate activity we dedicate our life and our economic resources.
đŸŸ In our breeding policy prevails as much as it allows us to enjoy and take good care of our bengal cats, a language of affection that the elders transmit to their little bengal kittens, a criterion on which is based the confidence you can place in us when talking about a breed whose origin was wild.
đŸŸ A satisfactory experience in the attention towards those who come to us looking for a bengal cat is another step in the commitment with those of which one day we will say that they were our bengal kittens. We guarantee: involvement, documentation and efficiency.
đŸŸ Each Bengal kitten in the hands of new owners, both for their appearance and their character, is a challenge for the slogan of our House: "The excellence of the company cats".

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The only true luxury of our Bengal kittens is their health and education.

Every cat matters, every cat brings. There is no Bengal without Cat, and without love for all of them.

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Discover the general standard of the Breed Bengal accepted by the differents International Cat Federations. Criteria of authenticity and excellence of the Bengal Cat.

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Procedure and objectives. For an ethical breeding that dignifies the experience of maternity of our cats, favoring the relationship bengal cat - owner.

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Our Bengal kittens are invaluable, but they have had expenses. Every new owner also participates in our efforts.

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Our breeding Bengal Cats have their place in our home for life.


A Bengal Cat is not a fashion accessory, but a member of your homehold.

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Next litters. Waiting list: The most recommended option for kittens and their future owners.

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Tips and galleries

Tips about Bengalis cats and interesting information, adorned with our pictures.

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Our Books

International distribution to bookstores and individuals through Amazon and associated bookstores.

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A good assessment in the purchase of a Bengal kitten is the starting point for a good choice for life.

A bengal cat is not a toy, but a creature worthy of the promise of being loved.


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Members of The Club Felino del CantĂĄbrico (CFDC-142), federated to World Cat Federation (WFC-ES-0324)

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